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Karl Wolf

The phenomenal success of his inventive remake of Toto hit “Africa” launched Karl Wolf into the international spotlight, but this was far from a case of ‘overnight success syndrome’. This multi-talented Montrealer has long enjoyed serious peer and music industry respect in Canada as a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer of true skill and vision. Karl Wolf’s music is reaching the global marketplace and his new album, Finally Free, dramatically confirms he’s the real deal.

Karl has established himself not only as a talented songwriter, performer and producer, but also as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He has recorded and released three albums previous to Finally FreeFace Behind the Face, Bite the Bullet and Nightlife as well as amassed an impressive list of accolades around the world including Top 5 records in Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, Czech Republic and Dubai. He was also voted one of the World’s Most Influential Arabs by ArabianBusiness.com’s Power 100 (2009). His most recent hit single “Ghetto Love” off the forthcoming album is certified GOLD in Canada and his current club gem “Mash It Up” is sure to make its mark as well.

Giving his lyrics real resonance and authority are the facts of Karl Wolf’s personal life story. He was born in war-torn Lebanon and raised in Dubai before moving to Montreal with his family when he was 16. Karl may now have achieved the international stardom he has worked for so diligently, but he’s not about to forget his roots. His fourth solo record, Finally Free is an artistic triumph. Musically, it’s an accessible and highly melodic fusion of dancehall, r ‘n b, hip-hop, pop and dance music elements, a sound equally at home on pop and urban radio and the club dancefloor. Vocally, Wolf’s sweetly soulful delivery is a constant pleasure, while lyrically he digs deep, probing matters of the heart with real flair. His signature sound is prominent in the single “Ghetto Love”, which contains an interpolation of Peter Cetera’s “Glory Of Love” (Theme from The Karate Kid) and “Tell Me”, in which Wolf successfully fuses Dancehall and Arabic music into one sexy production. Not afraid to showcase his ethnicity, Karl proudly pays tribute to his Middle Eastern roots in the song “Belly Dancer” as well. The result of all this teamwork is an album of rich sonic and musical diversity, one packed with songs that sound both contemporary and timeless. Merging the musical past and present in a fresh manner is a Karl Wolf signature, one destined to take him far. Finally, a reason to be musically free, check this one out.