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Contradictions Artist: Kim Kuzma
Title: Contradictions
Year: 1999
$16.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Contradictions 3:51 Yes  
2 Everyone Learns To Dance 3:48 No  
3 Time Bomb 3:40 Yes  
4 Do You Remember 3:54 No  
5 Braveheart 3:42 No  
6 Tango Of Love 3:54 No  
7 River 4:08 No  
8 Innocence 4:13 No  
9 I Believe 4:09 No  
10 Here Comes The Rain Again 5:32 No  

Produced by Dale Penner except tracks 4 & 9 produced by Vince Jones
Recorded at Greenhouse, Hipposonic & Gotham City Studios

Musicians: Kim Kuzma (vocals, keyboards), Sean Ashby (guitar), Brian Minato (bass), Phil Robertson (drums, percussion), Vince Jones (keyboards, acoustic guitar), Keith Scott (electric guitar), Brian Newcombe (bass), Glenna Powrie (piano), Vince Mal (flugal horn), Lorna Brampton (cello), Steve Soucy (piano), Michael Creber (music box piano),