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"smooth-as-buckwheat-honey vocals…a bonafide comparison to Emmylou Harris is not out of order…"
- Eric Thom, Exclaim Magazine


Kirsten Jones has called Toronto her home for over a decade, but this Virginia native's southern influences still shine through. In addition to the occasional "y'all" that peppers her speech, she gets inspiration from such artists as Patty Griffin, Maria McKee, the Jayhawks, and Lucinda Williams. "I didn't really listen to American alt-country before moving to Canada, and now it's my music of choice. The Canadian music scene has also had a major influence on me, and I'd like to think I've melded the two together in my music". She notes artists like Sarah Harmer and Oh Susanna as among her favourite Canadian acts.

Jones spent her first few years in Toronto playing solo in various bars and coffeehouses, as well as singing back-up for several local artists. During this time, she also went to work for Universal Music Canada. After seven years on the job, she finds her record company experience invaluable. "Not only do I have an understanding of the industry that many artists aren't privileged to, but I have also had exposure to artists who have long inspired me to become an musician myself". In fact, a meeting with Sheryl Crow further strengthened her desire to follow her musical dreams. "Here I was, meeting Sheryl Crow and introducing myself as a record company employee and I realized I 'd rather be introducing myself as a singer and songwriter.".

So, upon completion of her debut CD, Drive In Movie, Jones quit her day job. She grabbed her guitar and headed for Nashville, where she immersed herself in the local artists' community. She played in various clubs around town, and fulfilled her dream of playing at the legendary Bluebird Café. Now, she looks forward to crossing Canada in support of her CD, saying, "Meeting new people and experiencing new places means more things to write about. I can't wait"!

Drive In Movie is an honest account of the human experience. Back to the Playground evokes the comedy and nostalgia of your first childhood crush. Among the seven self-penned songs is Bittersweet Grand Canyon, a personal account that compares the gradual erosion of the famed canyon to the pain of a failed marriage. Don't Mind Me is an intimate and haunting look at the "should she/shouldn't she" conflict of love and sex.

Look for the official Canadian release of Drive-In Movie on February 22, 2005 through MapleNationwide/Universal. She will hit the road across Canada in support of that release and tour details will be posted on her website.

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