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Kim Stockwood

"This record started out as a record of standards, old songs that everybody knew…but sometimes songs demand to be recorded... that's kinda what happened here. I've recorded songs I love, and songs I just love to sing." - Kim Stockwood

When Kim Stockwood met with jazz great, Bill King, in 2016, she had already sifted through dozens of old standards and had a handful of songs she wanted to explore with him. As the pair spent time together, Kim's vision for a record of standards developed, yet she still struggled with a couple of songs. Songs that weren't standards that she felt should be. Songs that she wanted to sing and that she wanted the world to hear. With the passing of her mentor, Ron Hynes, Kim decided that she must take the plunge, and she recorded Ron's "Sometimes The Moon". Kim's relationship with Ron began when she first started singing in St. John's in the early ‘90's. Out of the blue, Ron called her and invited her to demo the song. It was a memorable moment for the new singer. She'd never met Ron but she was already in awe of his talent. It was the beginning of a long and close friendship. Ron never released "Sometimes the Moon" but Kim and Ron often performed it together. On one of these occasions, it was recorded live. Ron's resulting guitar track anchors the new recording, allowing them to perform it one last time together. Kim's desire to do Ron's song justice compelled her to ask Ben Mink to play violin on the song and the result is a stunning version of "Sometimes The Moon" that Ron would be proud of.

The addition of "Sometimes The Moon" opened the door for Kim to include another long-time favourite. "When I Most Miss You" was written by Chris Faulk, a woman Kim forged a friendship with on one of her very first writing trips to Nashville.

But the original concept for a standards record was not lost. The remaining four songs span four decades of music and include Canadian songwriter Ruth Lowe's heartbreakingly beautiful "I'll Never Smile Again", a song recorded by Frank Sinatra that appeared as the first #1 on the very first Billboard chart.

Long-time Stockwood collaborators, Tim Bovaconti and Kevin Fox also guest on the recording.

The result is a lovingly crafted record that features Kim's voice at its best accompanied by the legendary Bill King on piano.