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Kill The Lights

Kill The Lights is four men and one woman making calculated noises to specific rhythms with amplified instruments. Alex told Yann, “I feel something gnawing, and the police are giving me a hard time here in Quebec.” Yann replied, “Let us repair to Toronto, there are buildings and things and different people there.” The 401 was a razor of boredom, but percussion and melody were secured in the new metropolis. Lower octaves were required. John, barely visible in profile, emerged from somewhere in the G of the GTA to comply. Joe and Steph added tiers to the construct, in the form of keys, strings and tambourines. People whispered, “Chimaera!”

Kill The Lights first piqued Torontonian and Montrealer curiosity in the year of our Lord, 2005. Kill The Lights have a combined age of over one hundred and twenty. Kill The Lights believe there is an order to the universe but can’t quite figure out what it is. This confusion expresses itself in abstract musical forms – generous helpings of moody melody, stabby guitar licks, feverish drums, literate and imagistic lyrics, yelps, croons, keyboard burbles, equal dollops of joy and angst. There is more earnestness than irony to Kill The Lights. There is an embrace of pop song conventions but also a desire to flee from them. There are flirtations with experimentalism, shoegaze monotonies, and many feedback squalls. Underlying it all, there is a sense that music should be an artistic venture that combines passion, musical chops, friendship, and self-challenge.

Kill The Lights has played lots of shows with lots of prominent Indie-rock acts but won’t try and impress you by dropping their names. Kill The Lights sometimes wishes to spell its name Killthelights! - thinking this would indicate forward motion and modernity - but can’t really reach a solid consensus either way. Kill The Lights has been called “inconsistent” live because they like to try different things from show to show. Kill The Lights has slain crowds at Pop Montreal, North by Northeast and CMJ in New York.

Kill The Lights can be found drinking at Blizzarts in Montreal on Monday nights, or at the Queen’s Head Pub in Toronto.

Kill The Lights keeps its manager in a state of perpetual anxiety. Kill The Lights likes late brunches on the Plateau Mont-Royal, autumn, Brit-Pop, first snowfalls, foulards worn unpretentiously, Talking Heads, spastic energy, Newfoundland, Mitch Hedberg, Greek mythology, scuffling with macho bouncers, and the perfect espresso. For the record, Kill The Lights is:

Yann Geoffroy: Drums
Stephanie Hanna: Vocals and Keyboards
Joseph Yarmush: Guitars and Keyboards
Alexander Hackett: Guitars and Vocals
Johnston Dignard: Bass

Kill The Lights is set to release their awesome first disc, “Buffalo of Love”, in February. It was recorded hurriedly in cramped spaces with an international cast of very funny characters.