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Keshia Chanté CD Artist: Keshia Chanté
Title: Keshia Chanté CD
Year: 2004
$17.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $12.65)
(approx. EURO 11.65 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Bad Boy 4:41 No  
2 Intro 0:41 No  
3 Does He Love Me 3:39 No  
4 Spinnin’ 3:50 No  
5 Unpredictable 3:35 No  
6 Bad Boy Interlude 1:20 No  
7 Bad Boy 3:44 No  
8 Singles Night 3:53 No  
9 Let The Music Take You 3:58 No  
10 Slackin’ Producers Interlude 0:27 No  
11 Shook "The Answer" 4:12 No  
12 Tonight 4:05 No  
13 Together 4:03 No  
14 True Colours 3:51 No  
15 Little Things 3:23 No  
16 Come Fly With Me 4:08 No  

Alexander, Adam; Alford, Camara; Berry, Ivan; Coyne, Tom; Desman, Shawn; Fife, Ty; Gayle, Rupert; Gerongco, Robert; Gerongco, Samuel; Greggs, Alex; Krush, Kenny; Kuteyi, Tyson; Marchand, Gavin; O’Donoghue, Daniel; Perry Alexander; Perry, Chris; Seara, George; Sheehan, Mark; Szoke, Lonnie

Alexander, Adam; Alford, Camara; Brown, Paul; Chanté, Keshia; Desman, Shawn; Gayle, Rupert; Gerongco, Robert; Gerongco, Samuel; Greggs, Alex; Johnson, Albert; Jordan, Etterlene; Kuteyi, Meesah; Marchand, Gavin; Marchand, Inga D; Muchita, Kejuan; O’Donoghue, Daniel; Perry, Chris; Puppet; Sheehan, Mark; Szoke, Lonnie

Original Release Date: June 22, 2004