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From the classroom to the concert stage, Kayla has spent the last twenty years teaching and entertaining children with her unique blend of magic and music.

Her reward has been a steady growth in popularity, the release of three recordings, a stage show, and the exposure of a national television audience.

With a guitar, her singing voice and the wildest array of self-manufactured sound effects ever heard, Kayla alternately amuses, confuses, and infuses her fans with vivacious cheer.

A Kayla concert is a fun and interactive event for the entire family.

As a professionally educated music specialist, Kayla has learned to combine her experiences from the classroom and the stage to create a musical show involving action, dramatization, song, movement, comedy and storytelling.

Fast paced and entertaining, Kayla has entertained children from coast to coast with her national tours.

The release by Kayla of "The Purple Birthday Cake" has won wide acclaim for its fresh and vibrant treatment and original themed songs targeted to young children and the young-at-heart.

The songs on "My Best Friend" combine to create a story about Kayla's friend, Ralph the Dog (the Universal Child), and their special relationship.

"I Know That Song" is a musical game incorporating Kayla's creative self-manufactured sound effects. She "lip-trumpets" clues for kids to solve. Once the song has been guessed, children sing along.

Kayla's stage presence is confident yet empathetic. Teamed with Ralph the Dog, they are truly a dynamic duo for children of all ages.

Professional, dedicated and committed to reaching out to children, Kayla sings the universal language of happiness and fun.