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Jenny Whiteley Artist: Jenny Whiteley
Title: Jenny Whiteley
Year: 2000
$15.00 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Dance Till Dawn 2:24 Yes  
2 Lived It Up 4:51 No  
3 Gloria 2:33 No  
4 Baby, I 3:18 Yes  
5 Lonnie 2:18 No  
6 Train Goin’ West 4:16 No  
7 Someone On My Mind 1:42 No  
8 Breaking Down 3:13 Yes  
9 Soda Machine 3:24 No  
10 ’75 3:04 No  

Produced by The Jenny Whiteley Band & Nik Tjelios
Engineered by Nik Tjelios
Recorded at Casa Wroxton, Toronto, ON
Mixed by Nik Tjelios & Ken Whiteley

Musicians: Jenny Whiteley (vocals, acoustic guitar), Dan Whiteley (mandolin, acoustic guitar, background vocals), Mike Bowell (electric & acoustic guitar), Joey Wright (mandolin, acoustic guitar), Andrew Downing (double bass), Jean Martin (drums), Chris Whiteley (pedal steel, harmonica), Amy Millan (background vocals)