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This is how it happened...

WHERE? junetile are a band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

WHY? A mutual love of music and melody.

WHO?There are four members in the group.
Jonathan Relph -vocals, guitar.
Sam Simmons -vocals, cello, guitar.
Chris Stringer -keyboards, bass.

1995-1998: junetile first forms as a basement duo with jon and sam. There has always been an intent to do something more than just record tapes on a 4-track, but jon's studies in fine arts and sam's in english always keep them busy and unable to find permanent assistance in a band form. During this time Chris is always interested in what the two are doing, but with no real need for another guitarist, the band doesn't seem to realize a spot for him.

1998: Chris's interest in electronic music gets stronger and he ends up buying a mac G3 and a copy of Logic Audio Platinum. This allows him to explore different instruments, namely keyboards.

1999: During a trip to Russia Jonathan stumbles across loads of bootlegged audio software in markets. He begins his own experimentation in this medium. By y2k, with the help of Chris and Sam, he has written and composed almost 12 complete demo songs

2000: Sam and Jonathan both graduate from university and make a pact to begin playing shows in the summer. They go about trying to find members who share the same vision, and who are willing to play in front of an audience. A drummer is found and Chris agrees to play bass on keyboards as well as other sounds. Two weeks before the show, the band loses a drummer. Sam and Jon decide that either way they will still play. Chris agrees to go ahead with it. The band remains a 3-piece for 2 months (3 shows). In september, junetile open for mia sheard at ted's wrecking yard. throughout the show, jonathan jokes about the need for a drummer and queries the audience that if they know anyone to fit the part, please tell them about the band. After the show, Michael Wojewoda, a local producer, asks the band to try him out. He completes them.

2001: junetile have now played over 14 shows and have seen some press (bad and good). They are currently working on their first studio album as a complete band. Keep an eye out for them in 2002.

2002: ahh yes... restructuring. junetile will probably play again soon in a different capacity. After 2 years in the band MPW has decided to leave to pursue other artistic endeavours. The band wishes him much luck and happiness. The new full length record due out late 2002 or early 2003 will feature the collaborative efforts of the entire band.