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Julie Crochetière

It all began with piano lessons. Montreal-born, Julie Crochetiere was just six years old at the time, but it was clear music was her destiny. In fact, she wrote her first song when she was 13. It may not have won her a Grammy, but it did give her a taste of what she was meant to be; a singer/ songwriter.

From the first soulful note on her upcoming CD entitled A Better Place, you're instantly transported into her world. Each song tells a story that everyone can relate to.

Coming from a musician's background, Julie chose to record her album live off the floor with her band, just like in the old days. Floating effortlessly from an earthly whisper to a bluesy high note, Julies voice is pure, honest and seductive. It soothes you into listening, and her sultry tone is reminiscent of Sade and Roberta Flack.

In 2000, she was recruited to be a part of the band Sugar Jones, signed to Universal Music. Her experience was documented in the TV show Popstars. It was through this show that she was propelled into the spotlight and she hasnt stopped shining since.

After two top ten hits, a platinum selling record and two national tours with Sugar Jones, Julie started from scratch and spent some time fine-tuning her songwriting skills by working with industry gurus such as Jacksouls Haydain Neale, Xandy Barry and Perry Alexander.

In 2003, Julie wrote and independently released her first EP, Café, co-produced with Haig.V Bran Van 3000. Julie began to build a name for herself as a musician and singer/Songwriter by performing at some of the most renowned live music venues in Toronto, Montreal and New York. Most notably, Julie performed at the Toronto and Ottawa Jazz festivals, CMW, NXNE and the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Having experienced both the magnitude of the Sugar Jones project and the hands on process of recording, producing and promoting an indie record, it was the perfect timing to team up with drummer, producer and friend Tony Albino to produced "A Better Place" her first full length record, one she is truly proud of.