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Justin Tidman
Stealing Ghosts

Jim Tidman's debut CD, Stealing Ghosts, was recorded at the Bathouse in Bath, Ont in the Fall of '08 and Winter '09.

It's an organic work that harkens back to the day when all an artist needed was a guitar and a voice. Tidman’s songwriting is reminiscent of his Fine Art's background, painting pictures with words against a musical backdrop.

Produced by Paul Langlois, “Stealing Ghosts” is a strikingly intimate collection of songs rich in imagery and narratives, delivered with the conviction of personal experience. Tidman’s songs are often tender and fragile in the tradition of the classic country songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s, but there is an unflinching directness in the lyrics and music, that can be both surprising and haunting.

The CD also features guest appearances from many family members and friends, and a cover of the John Prine song, 'Unwed Fathers', which Jim sings with his wife Angie...