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Jeffery Straker

Jeffery Straker and his piano-pop music are most often compared by fans and press alike to a mixture of early Elton John, Ben Folds, and Sarah Slean. Singer-songwriter-pianist Straker performs over 100+ shows per year. An audience full of his fans has been a big lifestyle change for this small town guy, with a high-school graduating class of 9! He recently recorded for CBC radio’s Canada Live, his video HYPNOTIZED rose to the top 10 (#6) on Canada’s Much More Music and in May 2010 toured his music with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. His sophomore album ‘Step Right Up’ (Conveyor Canada through Universal Music), recently became the #5 selling album in Saskatchewan – ahead of both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. While he is sure that they didn’t care, he is sure that he definitely did!

Straker is set to release his new album under the soles of my shoes, in June, 2011. Featuring the single “Brand New Ocean” a piano-driven folk-pop medley, with a cabaret influence, the album is a mix of organic instrumentation through a meeting of steel guitar, trumpet, a string section, and banjo… true Straker style. He is in fact separated by only 6 degrees from Beethoven himself. Visit for the full story.

In 2009 Canadian Musician Magazine noted Straker as, “Very much an artist to watch”. The classically trained pianist from the small prairie town of Punnichy, Saskatchewan has been invited to showcase at Canadian Music Week, the Western Canadian Music Awards, as well as JunoFest. He has shared stages with a diverse range of artists including Buffy Sainte Marie, Elliot Brood, Deborah Cox, Mel C (Spice Girls), Dan Mangan, and Stereos to name a few. His songwriting has seen him become a top 10 finalist in several national and international songwriting competitions, including the Canadian RadioStar Songwriting competition.

Straker comes to his talents honestly, the son of a church organist mother and an auctioneer father. This might explain his propensity to share songs with audiences. In the Fall of 2010, he was short-listed for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award in the province of Saskatchewan.

Straker currently splits his time between home-bases in Toronto and Saskatchewan, and released a new 10-song album, under the soles of my shoes, on June 21, 2011.