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Jon-Rae And The River

Baudelaire asked Jon-Rae Fletcher of Jon-Rae & The River to craft a bio for their new album “Knows What You Need”. The following is the unedited response from Mr. Fletcher….

this is a really fucked up bio.
i am going crazy at home right now with house problems. sorry.
change, ask, improvise.
no problem
The Musical Life of Jon-Rae Fletcher
(Sherwood Park, AB) Birth to 16 yrs – gospel/hymn singing on the Sunday of
every week
(Sherwood Park, AB) 8yrs to 16 yrs – royal conservatory piano for 1 hour,
every fucking day
(Kelowna, B.C.) 16yrs to 18 yrs – bad nirvana rip-off band whenever we
wanted to
(Mission, B.C./Kelowna, B.C.) 20 yrs to 23yrs – introverted singer/songwriter
(Vancouver, B.C.) 23yrs to 25yrs – drunken rockin roll contry initial
gathering of Jon-Rae Fletcher and the River
(Toronto, ON) 26yrs to present – drunken rockin roll soul band known as
Jon-Rae and the River

Jon-Rae and the River formed in Toronto during the winter months of 2003
after Jon-Rae moved from Vancouver. In the summer of 2004, the newly
formed 9 piece recorded some covers and some of Jon-Rae’s older songs and
released the album “old songs for the new town”. Over the next
months,( girlfriends and boyfriends, time and travels, nights
and days, beer and whiskey, life and death) had weaned them down to the 7
piece they are today. Dave, Ian, Paul, Jonathan, Michael, Anne are the river

Noted for the soul-stirring experience of their live shows, the river has
carried a lot of fans to the place we call fletcher heaven. That’s the
place where this bio starts to suck really bad.
I’ve decided at this point I am a terrible bio writer. I’m now just going
to tell you what went on.
I decided that I was going to take a different approach to songwriting
(that ‘write whenever you’re inspired’ approach being my tried and true method) and came up with a string of songs, soul influenced, that were about sex. Sure maybe a dysfunctional sex. But I had accomplished what I
had set out to do. Wicked.
During this time I had written other songs about death, loss, traveling,
drinking, memories, fucked up people, and before you know it, we got
ourselves an album.
Teach the band the songs which is always interesting, cause they change
the fucking things to unbelievably subtle and profound new places.

At this point in the story, I get really bored/frustrated with what I’m
doing and say
the end
however, I’m sure that I have left out A LOT. You can ask me any question
you may think may shed some light on this weird bio I have written. I
also give you permission to re-write it.