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Jason Plumb

In the world of contemporary pop music, where “extended careers” and “timeless bodies of work” are not commonplace, Jason Plumb is an exception. From hit singles and memorable album tracks with The Waltons and solo albums to soundtracks and theme songs, Plumb has consistently created music that has been embraced by Canadian audiences and acclaimed by the industry and his peers.

An artist of considerable depth, the Saskatchewan-based singer and songwriter has over the course of the past twenty years delivered an impressive body of work that continues to present fresh and exciting chapters, as is the case with his new release Wide Open Music. Plumb calls the album “my first compilation of sorts”. This new disc features the commissioned pieces, new tunes, and some of his best work from his days fronting Juno award-winning band, the Waltons.

His journey has set this artist in a place where today he is at the top of his game, and experiencing the best of all possible worlds when it comes to making music. “I consider myself lucky for a number of reasons,” muses Plumb from his home base in Regina, Saskatchewan, where he gathered and recorded the material for this new release. Wide Open Music is a set of songs that are connected by his love for his home province, while offering up a broad view of what is and what inhabits Saskatchewan. It’s a recording that also puts a focus on Plumb as a leader of an exceptionally tight and talented band, appropriately dubbed The Willing.

“That I’ve been able to survive this long is something I don’t take for granted and I realize that it has been my composing that has allowed me to stay in music,” says the artist, who in the space of a week can turn his focus from a soundtrack for a film, or writing a tune for a television series, to hunkering down with his band The Willing. With The Willing, Plumb sees a group of musicians who have all the artistic variables in place to build upon the loyal grassroots following that has made Jason Plumb one of the most credible Canadian artists, prairie variety or otherwise, of the last two decades.

“I stopped gauging success by album sales a long time ago, because of all the types of projects that keep me engaged and challenged. But I do like to perform and that’s where I live to be, this band is gung ho to get in front of live audiences,” says the man who has brilliantly combined what he sees as a “early found love for simple country music” with his “love for British pop music.” For Plumb, it is not a stretch to go from listening to a classic Steve Earle disc to turning up the volume on an XTC album. Those influences can be found in varying degrees on recent works that he has recorded in his home province.

Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Roughriders to write a theme song for the beloved Canadian football team, Plumb presented Regina with the perfectly titled “Paint The Whole World Green”. The song has become an anthem in the community, and when Paint The World Green produced an accompanying video, the tune attracted almost 175,000 viewers on Youtube. The song spawned Plumb appearances on national television, including a spot on CTV’s Canada AM. As momentum built, Saskatchewan Tourism also entered the picture, requesting a song promoting the province. Before long the idea of producing a thematic album of songs about Saskatchewan presented itself to Plumb.

“I’ve been writing about this province for a long time. Because I didn’t own any of the Master recordings to Waltons’ back catalogue, we re-cut, re-invented and re-discovered some of that material,” says the singer-songwriter, whose powerhouse voice is a great ace up his sleeve. “My instrument has matured, and I’ve always strived to get better as a singer, “ states Plumb, who can have complete command of an audience with only his voice, guitar and songs.

Hundreds of hours of recent concert footage with The Willing is set to be released in varying formats, including live performances that can be found on Wide Open Music.