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Night Ride Home Artist: Joni Mitchell
Title: Night Ride Home
Year: 1997
$9.99 CDN 
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Title Length Sample  
1 Night Ride Home 3:21 No  
2 Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) 5:25 No  
3 Cherokee Louise 4:32 No  
4 The Windfall (Everything For Nothing) 5:15 No  
5 Slouching Towards Bethlehem 6:54 No  
6 Come In From The Cold 7:31 No  
7 Nothing Can Be Done 4:53 No  
8 The Only Joy In Town 5:11 No  
9 Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac 4:33 No  
10 Two Grey Rooms 3:57 No  

Produced by Paula Garcia, Larry Klein
Engineered by Richard Cottrell, Steve Churchyard, Tony Phillips, Henry Lewy, Dan Marnien assisted by Paula Garcia, Jim Hill, Julie Last and Kristen Connelly
Mixed by Julie Last,Dan Marnien, Mike Shipley
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Musicians are David Baerwald (vocals), Joni Mitchell (acoustic guitar, guitar, percussion, piano, rhythm guitar, keyboards, oboe, vocals, omnichord), Brenda Russell (vocals), Wayne Shorter (soprano sax), Alegandro "Alex" Acuna (percussion), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums, snare drums), Bill Dillion (guitar, pedal steel), Larry Klein (bass, guitar, percussion, electric guitar, keyboards), Michael Landau (guitar), Karen Perix (background vocals)

Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm Artist: Joni Mitchell
Title: Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm
Year: 1992
$14.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.54)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 My Secret Place 5:01 No  
2 Number One 3:46 No  
3 Lakota 6:25 No  
4 The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms) 4:49 No  
5 Dancin’ Clown 4:09 No  
6 Cool Water 5:25 No  
7 The Beat Of Black Wings 5:19 No  
8 Snakes And Ladders 5:37 No  
9 The Reoccuring Dream 3:02 No  
10 A Bird That Whistles (Arrangement Of The Traditional Work ’Corrina, Corrina’) 2:38 No  

Produced by Larry Klein assisted by Gloria Boyce
Engineered by Alan Smart, Mike Shipley, Dan Marnien, Henry, Lewy, David Bottrill, Julie Last assisted by John Payne, Robin Lane, Richard Cottrell Angus Davidson, Chris Fuhrman, Fred Howard, Bill Jenkins
Mixed by Dan Marnien, Mike Shipley

Musicians are Willie Nelso (vocals, background vocals), Thomas Dolby (Marimba), Peter Gabriel (background vocals), Don Henley (background vocals), Billy Idol (background vocals), Joni Mitchell (guitar, keyboards, vocals, background vocals, drum), Tom Petty (vocals, background vocals), Steve Stevens (guitar), Wayne Shorter (saxophone), Lisa Coleman (background vocals), Manu Katche (drums, choirc, chorus, snare drums), Larry Klein (bass, keyboards, choir, chorus), Michael Landau (guitar, choir, chorus), Julie Last (choir, chorus), Steve Lindsey (organ), Wendy Melvoin (background vocals), Bengamin Orr (background vocals), Iron Eyes Cody (vocals, background vocals), Steven Lindsay (organ),

Wild Things Run Fast Artist: Joni Mitchell
Title: Wild Things Run Fast
Year: 1991
$14.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.54)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)
Currently not available.

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Title Length Sample  
1 Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody 5:17 No  
2 Wild Things Run Fast 2:12 No  
3 Ladies’ Man 2:37 No  
4 Moon At The Window 3:42 No  
5 Solid Love 2:57 No  
6 Be Cool 4:12 No  
7 (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care 2:36 No  
8 You Dream Flat Tires 2:50 No  
9 Man To Man 3:42 No  
10 Underneath the Streetlight 2:14 No  
11 Love 3:46 No  

Produced by Joni Mitchell
Engineered by Jerry Hudgins, Skip Cottrel assisted by Clyde Kaplan
Mixed by Joni Mitchell, Larry Hirsch, Larry Klein assisted by Chase Williams
Mastered by John Golden and re-mastered by Lee Herschberg

Musicians are Joni Mitchell (acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, electric vocals, choir, chorus), Lionel Richie (vocals, background vocals), Larry Carlton (guitar, electric guitar), Victor Feldman (percussion, keyboard), Kenny Rankin (vocals, choir, chorus), Wayne Shooter (saxophone, soprano sax), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Skip Cottrell (vocals, choir, chorus), Robert DeLaGarza (vocals, choir, chorus), Russell Ferrante (synthesizer), John Guerin (drums, choir, chorus), Kim Hutchcroft (saxophone, barritone sax), Howard Kinney (vocals, background vocals), Larry Klein (bass), Michael Landau (guitar, electric guitar), Henry Lewy (engineer), Steve Lukather (guitar, electric guitar), Charles Valentino (vocals, background vocals), Larry Williams (keyboards, saxophone, tenor sax), Victor Feidman (percussion)