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Time After Time CD Artist: Jake Mathews
Title: Time After Time CD
Year: 2004
$14.99 CDN 
(approx. USD $10.54)
(approx. EURO 9.71 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Time After Time 2:50 No  
2 Signs Of You Everywhere 4:13 No  
3 Payiní Your Dues 4:09 No  
4 Arizona On My Mind 3:59 No  
5 Itís A Better World 3:18 No  
6 Kings For A Day 3:39 No  
7 You Got Away With Love 3:15 No  
8 How Many Days 2:51 No  
9 Thatís Why They Call It Cheatiní 3:23 No  
10 My Heart Wonít Let You Leave My Mind 2:54 No  
11 He Never Learned How 5:11 No  

Produced by: Louis Sedmak & Jake Mathews
Executive Producer: Cam Crawford
Engineered by: Louis Sedmak, Joey Turner and Jerry Woolsey

Mixed by: Louis Sedmak and Miles Wilkinson
Mastered by: Nick Blagona, Metal Works, Toronto, Ont.