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Jason Hastie

Calgarian Jason Hastie might arguably be one of the brightest country music stars on the Canadian music scene. And we're not talking strictly in a musical sense. Not only does Hastie have a history with country music that dates back more than a decade, he is also an entrepreneur, an author, and a certified accounting professional.

Jason Hastie grew up in Birsay, Saskatchewan. It was here in his hometown that he had instilled his deep love of country music. After setting out after high school and touring with a band throughout the United States, Hastie entered the university life and earned his accounting designation. In 2002, with the encouragement of friends who made a similar pilgrimage from Saskatchewan, Hastie found himself living in Calgary and working for a prestigious accounting firm. A short time later, Hastie started his own consulting firm and ultimately found himself with a significant amount of flexible time.

Hastie would release two solo singles to radio in 2005, forming the duo Six West a short time later. Six West went on to achieve respectable success in Canada, landing their song ‘I Will Wait’ in the Top 40 in Canada. The video made it into regular rotation on Canada's Country Music Television. Creative differences would bring Six West to a standstill, however Hastie's passion for music was not diminished. Indeed, Hastie had been a solo artist before Six West, therefore it should not seem altogether foreign that he would return to the solo arena.

With a six-song EP due for release in Canada on April 30, 2013, things are really starting to ramp up for Hastie. His EP was recorded with acclaimed country producers David Kalmusky and Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive) in Nashville, Tennessee, Tom McKillip in Vancouver, and Bart McKay in Saskatoon. His new single, ‘Fallen Too Far’ is now at country radio, and the music video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada by director David Pichette (Emerson Drive).

For further information please visit http://www.jasonhastiemusic.com/