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Jay Harris

John Cash’s advice to young songwriters was to take their first hundred songs and burn them. In Jay’s case they’re not cinder - they’ve been played live hundreds of times, and demoed; he’s spent the last ten years fronting his bands and playing solo, as well as working as a sideman for other artists - contributing vocals, guitars and lapsteel. This work has helped to build a growing legion of supporters in and outside of the music industry. But the old adage, ‘You’re only as good as your last record’ is an apt one here. With the release of Sundumb though, things are set to change.

The 10 songs careen headlong into the suburban landscapes of the 1970’s, the same neighbourhoods once inhabitated by Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, and like both of these artists, Jay too is mapping new lands out on the edge of town. The songs score the tragedy that underlines the modern human condition, he is a narrator who channels the stories we thought we’d lost.

Sundumb was recorded at the Bathouse Studio. The band features Bazil Donovan and Bob Packwood of Blue Rodeo, Cam Giroux (By Divine Right, Weeping Tile, and Violet Archers), and Rob Gillet; as well as contributing artists Paul Langlois, Oh Susanna and Bryden Baird. It was mixed with Darryl Neudorf at Operation Northwoods, and mastered with Peter Moore at the E room.

In attempts to foster greater brand recognition Jay has played shows with artists including: Joel Plaskett, Jim Bryson, Justin Rutledge, Dan Bern, Oh Susanna, Luke Doucet, Sarah Harmer, The Wailing Jenny’s, Mick Taylor, Kathleen Edwards and the Doobie Brothers.