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Acoustic Jeep - John Gracie

Acoustic JEEP is John Gracie's 8th CD and he says it feels like his first. It is an all original CD that comes after a period of personal losses and changes in his life. The songs are filled with emotion and without a master plan, ironically, many have taken a slant of social conscience.

Some are gritty, some are tender and some were great discoveries like the collaboration with Fizz of Universal Soul, a Halifax rap artist who came on board for Which Way is the Wind Blowin', the story of the wrongful imprisonment of Mi'kmaq native, Donald Marshall. George Christmas, a Mi'kmaq from Marshall's hometown also joins in on this song with a native chant that is haunting.

There is also the powerful song, NRA Anyway about incidents like Columbine and the trouble with the folks at the NRA.

These Are the Times is a reflection of what we should do to make the world a better place and Kiss Me is a tender song asking people to understand why the homeless are where they are, "kiss me, see me" one emotional line in the last verse grabs the listener, "once momma's little baby, a daddy's pride and joy, bated breath beneath the blanket lies the broken little boy".

Powerful songs of love gone wrong are found in If You Threw It All Away, Trouble's Hangin' Around My Door, Dance Bobbie Dance, Don't Go andthe Kristofferson like, Send the Soldiers.

The beautiful ballad, Old Stone Well, evolved to be a song encompassing the final moments John spent with his dying sister. Although written years before, the song entered his mind again as he sat with her on her last days, the reason for the song was revealed.

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