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Jennifer LFO

Jennifer LFO is a true pop eclectic with a unique point of view. Her new album, Songs From the Alien Beacon is a wide-ranging collection of smart songs full of truth, grit, and lots of wit.

Made with stellar Canadian producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda, this full-length album features a co-write with new-wave pioneer Carole Pope and memorable performances from a handful of musician friends, including Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Martin Tielli (Rheostatics), Ford Pier, Kurt Swinghammer, and Ken Dirschl. The result is an eclectic and dynamic album that fuses art-rock and pure pop.

On Songs From the Alien Beacon, Jennifer LFO (a.k.a. Jennifer Foster) muses on life from her home in one of the last artist enclaves in downtown Toronto - the "alien beacon" being a pet name for the landmark wind-turbine that dominated the skyline. Many of these songs were penned while sitting on her factory building fire escape, in view of the smoke stacks and the "fake giant chicken bucket water tower".

Jennifer has two previous solo albums under her belt - Fit For Mars, produced by David Garza (Juliana Hatfield), and Speedyhead, produced by The Pursuit of Happiness (TPOH) frontman Moe Berg and Paul Myers. Jennifer has also contributed her musical talents to several of the country's finest acts, touring and recording as a backup singer with TPOH and Melanie Doane, and appearing on many great Canadian recordings, including those by the Rheostatics, Ford Pier, Kevin Hearn, and Flash Lightnin'.