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About Dream Child and Joyfilled Music


A wonderful, innovative children's relaxation CD

DREAM CHILD combines a magical bedtime story with inspirational songs that help children relax before sleeping. Its captivating characters, enchanting music and powerful message of joy and unconditional love aim to build self-esteem, as well as strong values and beliefs.

"These amazing songs put into words all the feelings, hopes and dreams I have for my children."
- Linda Hamilton, life coach and Neuro-linguistic practitioner.

"Parents and children will experience being enveloped in warm joy and soft loving energy."
- Dr. Cathy Wilder, PhD, Family Counsellor

Whisked away on a sparkly stone path, children are invited to see dancing flowers, to feel the warm loving arms of Mama Teddy Bear, to breathe in their own inner radiance with golden sunlight, and to experience the nurturing of joyous angels singing especially for them.

The Dream Child CD is a magical spiritual journey designed to help open children's hearts to love and gratitude. The captivating characters and enchanting songs offer children simple yet profound tools that can help them access their own inner courage, strength and love.

With fabulous music, catchy lyrics, symbolism, colour and stories, this CD opens the child's subconscious mind while lovingly preparing them for a peaceful sleep.

"These amazing songs put into words all the feelings, hopes and dreams that I have for my children."
-Linda Hamilton

Bedtime is a wonderful time for positive loving affirmations through songs and stories. If listened to regularly after storytime, this CD will help a child:

Relax, self soothe and sleep
Build self esteem
Connect to self and universal love

Dream Child was created by Joyfilled music. Joyfilled music is the creative collaborative project of three devoted parents: Michael Creber, Nancy Bradshaw and Beverley Elliott.

Michael is a Grammy nominated producer who has worked in the past with renknowned family entertainer Raffi (for which he was nominated for a Grammy as co-producer of the Bananaphone CD, and was awarded a Juno). Nancy, who led the journey to develop this CD, is an Ethics in Action award winner with a background in coaching, neuro linguistic practices (positive communication with the subconscious mind), and the spiritual arts. . Beverley, whose stunning voice fills the CD, has been entertaining audiences with her own brand of earthy country folk music for over 15 years.

CD Donations
10% of DREAM CHILD's proceeds will go towards distributing the CD to children in need. To date, DREAM CHILD has been donated to several counsellors working with children in challenging situations, as well as the BC Paediatric Aids Society and Callanish Healing Society.

The initial response to DREAM CHILD has been overwhelmingly positive - parents, children, educators, counsellors and retailers are raving about the CD!

"To my knowledge there is nothing like this available for children. It is a unique tool for promoting a child's sense of feeling unconditionally loved. The stories and songs are imaginative, inspiring and fun. The loving messages they promote can be carried and applied throughout a child's daily life. "
- Janice Ebenstiner, M.A., Child and Family Therapist