Jessica Beach

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Jessica Beach

Jessica's connection to music started at age 6 when her father rescued a piano from a church basement and refinished it in the family garage.

Growing up with exposure to everything from Sam Cook to Sex Pistols, Linda Ronstadt to RunDMC, Jessica’s musical tastes and influences are far- reaching and diverse.

Jessica has carved out her own unique brand of accessible and intelligent pop. Best described as 'bluesy pop with an edge', Jessica's music appeals to a broad audience and has provoked fans to comment "it represents the moment you know things are going to get better"

Jessica's debut commercial release STICKY HANDS, was recorded at Greenhouse Studios with Producer Stephen Drake and is already creating a buzz with Standard Radio. This album will keep you company on a road trip, make you sing along while you do the dishes or warm up a dinner party.

Despite her secret desire to be stranded on a deserted island with Tom Waits, a piano and a case of Lagavulin, Jessica currently shares her time between Vancouver and Toronto.