Jim Bryson

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"He remains one of Canadian music's best kept secrets."
No Depression

"Acres of old-fashioned heart and soul. No more unfashionable now that it would be in 1972."
Q Magazine

Jim Bryson is from Canada's "small town" capital city, Ottawa. His songs are a cultivated mix of hope and doubt, longing and uncertainty, and are flush with endearing tales culled from the town he calls home. They have been described as "folk songs played with rock instruments” and “rock songs played with folk instruments”, while in truth they almost consistently lilt and sway between the two.

Jim has toured Canada and the UK extensively over the past few years and has continued to build a loyal fan base in both markets. His critically-acclaimed releases include 2000’s “The Occasionals” as well as 2003’s “The North Side Benches”, the latter of which appeared on many year-end “Best of” lists including that of Billboard’s Jason MacNeil and Americana UK’s Tim Ford. In addition to his own releases, his guitar playing and singing can be heard on numerous recordings, most recently with international luminaries such as Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer, and Howe Gelb.

Kathleen Edwards has covered Jim’s song “Somewhere Else” from “The North Side Benches” on her sophomore Rounder Records release, “Back to Me”. Jim’s songs have also appeared on numerous compilations, both in North America and the UK.