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Jason Kent

The Jason Kent Band comes out of the ashes of Soft Canyon, Bodega, and The Sonny Best Band. It is the coming together of indie-rock's journey. This is timeless, aesthetically beautiful, texturally and sonically extraterrestrial music. The self-titled debut recording, "Jason Kent" is a hurricane of joy and despair, love and redemption with elements of country, indie, and rock genres, layered with psychedelic undertones. Songs lean heavily on dreamy lyrics, warm arrangements, disarming melodies, and moody instrumentation. Live, they bring the listener on a journey into an entirely different sphere.

Since October 2006, the band has been to Europe four times and has traveled extensively across Canada.

Jason has played, written, recorded and produced with a number of bands, offering guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals to The Beautiful Losers, The Shoes, Soft Canyon, Bodega, Hawaii, Ladies Of The Canyon, Sonny Best Band, Jaffa, and John Lennox. He has also written and scored songs for TV and film, and has a catalogue of well over two hundred recorded songs.

Over the years he has opened for Rufus Wainwright, Neko Case, Arctic Monkeys, April Wine, Melissa Auf der Maur, The Stars, The Dears, and The Unicorns, The Autumn Defense (members of Wilco), among others. Jason has a BA in Art history and currently lives in Montreal.