Isobel Trigger

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Isobel Trigger

Based out of Victoria BC, Isobel Trigger strikes you with dynamic rock style and synth pop flare. With exotic vocals, driving lead lines, and heart-thumping grooves the band weaves a musical web and draws you to the dance floor. Isobel Trigger is about delicate innocence meeting howl-ing distortion; soft in one moment then crashing into powerful crescendos the next. Itís little red riding hood and the big bad wolf all in one!

Isobel Trigger is Felicia Harding (Vocals, Guitar, and Synth), Brett Faulkner (Guitar), Kyle Lowther (Bass), and Ariel Tseng (Drums). Each member takes command of their own elements and breathes life into each song. Although they are often compared to Florence and the Ma-chine, The Cranberries, and Metric, their distinctive vocals and compelling melodies give Isobel Trigger a sound of their own.

In 2013, Isobel Trigger released the Dust and Bones, the first single off of the upcoming EP, Nocturnal. Garnering much attention with a fantastically animated music video, Dust and Bones began receiving regular airplay on The Zone 91.3 while Isobel Trigger was featured as Band of the Month. In April 2014, they released the second single Tiger Shark, complete with a music video. Tiger Shark is a fun, danceable indie pop/rock featuring dark synth and spacey overtones.

This summer, the band has played Victoriaís Royal Theatreís 100 year anniversary show (Rock the Royal), Tall Tree Music Festival, and headlined Smithers Midsummer Music Festival (along-side The Pack AD). With the release of their EP Nocturnal on August 12th via Cordova Bay Records, followed by a Western Canada Tour in September, this band is one you will want to keep your ears on.