Inner City Surfers

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Inner City Surfers

Meet the Inner City Surfers. Give them shots of Jag, a couple doobies, a few girls phone numbers and you’ve got yourself a house band for life...

These 4 delinquents met aboard a hedonistic cruise and to up their stock they decided to form a band to better their chances of getting laid. Just strap on a guitar and teach the slow kid to play drums and there you have it...the next rock and roll band to take over the world.

Out of the metropolis of Sault Ste Marie ON, Canada comes the next best thing in sex, drugs, and party rock and roll...These are 4 guys that write songs as seriously as they drink, and play as hard as the drugs that inspire them....with the world behind them the Inner City Surfers are going to rule with a liberal yet stern fist.

Their debut full length CD will be released on October 23, 2007 on Addictive Records.