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Hilary Weaver

Hilary Weaver is a 21 year old award-winning singer and songwriter from Toronto who is breaking out in the pop/rock genre in Canada, the U.S. and the UK with her unique blend of pop/retro rock fresh and catchy songs, powerful, emotional and strong vocals, fantastic dynamic performance ability and her hip rock look.

Hilary's vocals and songs are a mix of the emotional empowerment songs of Kelly Clarkson, the pop styling of Katie Perry and the rock edge of Pink.

Hilary released her 2nd CD, Heart Breakout in June 2012 with 7 pop/rock songs that showcase her powerful and emotional vocals - take a listen to "Heart Breakout", "Blind Spot", "Lost and Found", "I Can See You", "Alive", "Shame on You" and "Never Made it Home". This new CD is taking Hilary to the next level in her music career!

Highlights from press reviews: talented and well trained vocals; unwavering strong voice; great unforced vocal range; crisp and smooth vocals; tons of emotion; superbly performed; well thought out and sensitive lyrics with catchy hooks and superb melody; easy to relate to her feelings and songs; has a freshness about her; has a maturity that is well beyond her young age.

In November 2009, Hilary was profiled as a rising artist on ET Canada.