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It's rare that a band comes along that has the ability to grab even the casual listener and hold their attention. Hotel is one of the few bands that have that power. There should be a warning label on this band - Hotel is highly addictive.

With memorable hooks, solid musicianship, soaring vocals and deceptively clever lyrics, Hotel's music is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is contemporary yet heavily influenced by the best of the 80s - early U2, The Cure and Kirk Cameron. They possess a pop sensibility that is instantly infectious and stands up to repeated listening.

Hotel features the dramatic, yet always convincing voice of singer/lyricist Jack Forrest, the inventive and compelling interplay of guitarists Miles Billsman and Jordan Kern, the punk energy of bassist Sofia Silva, and the rock-solid drumming of Pete Forde.

Their latest effort is a seven song EP called Our Demon Brother, produced by Jordon Zadorozny (Sam Roberts) and Greg O'Shea (Starling). It features a guest vocal performance by Tara Slone (Joydrop) on "Green Food" and "Striped".


Hotel is a Toronto, ON based rock band
Enjoy Your Stay, Hotel's debut album, received Top 30 airplay at over 125 North American college radio stations: #17 CMJ Top Radio Adds, #149 CMJ Top 200
The follow up EP, Our Demon Brother, is going to be released Fall, 2003, supported by a full scale publicity campaign
Opened for Interpol, the Warlocks, The Dears, Robin Black, Pilate, Blinker the Star
A cross-Canada tour is planned for Fall, 2003