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Motion - Feelin It
Motion will definitely have her whole party feelin' her with this brand new, sexy, head-noddin' club joint.

The Day After (f/ Michie Mee) - Break The Rulez
Before Shaggy mixed reggae with hip hop, before Limp Bizkit mixed rock with rap, Mz. Michie Mee was breaking the rules. Here the First Lady of Canadian Hip Hop is kicking down musical barriers and rocking with the boys in her new group The Day After

ta-da - Someday Again
On this beautiful sad song about loss, ta-da, who writes, producs and runs her own Sanctigroove label, shows she can touch people with the bare power of her lyrics, voice, and acoustic guitar.

Anjulie - Good Ol' Days
At 19 years of age, singer/songwriter Anjulie is young but in her sweet voice she delivers a pop song remembering good days gone by.

Belinda - Tell Me
Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, former Shaggy back-up singer/dancer, Juno nominated Belinda mixes patois with R&B and her own acoustic guitar to bring pop/reggae to the masses.

Chatta - Chatta's Chant
Chatta's acappella dancehall flow showcases her trademark rapid-fire style of delivery that is as unique as it is skillful.

Tasha T - Win Or Lose
Lover's Rock is brought to a new level by Juno award winning reggae artist Tasha T in a track mixed at the famous Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica.

True- Comin' In
With the drum n bass production brought by Early Worm, True gets wicked and let's the massive know with reggae, hip hop, and jungle roots, she is definitely "Comin' In".

Nicky Lawrence - Dreamer
House Diva Nicky Lawrence's voice simply soars on the dance track "Dreamer".

Londa Larmond - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
Stand up, clap your hands and Londa Larmond raise your spirits high because gospel music is done proud by this Canadian signed to EMI Gospel. Londa is bringing her inspiration world-wide.

Tara Chase (f/ Roam) - Like It Like
Tara Chase knows de man dem "Like It Like" that. On this bangin' new joint Tara brings itmore bad gal than ever before.

Eternia - Sorrow Song
Feel Eternia in the underground hip hop good-bye letter she writes to the man that lost what he had. Foolish like Ashanti? More like who's sorry now...

Queen Cee (f/Eklipz) - Rest Your Mind
Queen Cee provides solace and peace from a crazy world with her warm voice and conscious message, giving Eklipz, and listeners, a place to rest their mind, body, and soul.

Tia Thomas - Whatever You Do
"Whateer You Do" this track will remainwith listeners because Tia Thomas has a voice distinct and unforgettable, her R&B style has its own twist.

Rachael Berry - You Say
Canadian by way of Australia, Rachael Berry's track "You Say" is soulful and full of melancholy.

Black Pearl (f/ Manchilde) - Quest 4 Love
Hailing from Mount Real, Black Pearl demonstrates the beauty of black love and positive Hip Hop in her "Quest 4 Love" with Manchilde.

Jemeni - No More Dating DJs
Jemeni dares to demystify the mystery of that untouchable god - otherwise known as the hip hop DJ - in the hilarious "No More Dating DJs".

Mizza - Stuck (In My CD)
Mizza's lyrics create imagery with clever delivery and wordplay, and not unlike Eminem, she will neever be "Stuck" for idea to bring to a microphone.