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Hundred Mile House (HMH) is comprised of four long time friends - PeteThompson (songwriter/vocals), Larsen Liebig (songwriter/vocals/bass), Ritch Meinszinger (guitar) and Anthony Nuic (drums). With their extensive repertoire of hard hitting songs, HMH's sound is unmistakably true blue Rock'n Roll. Three of the four have been together since the late 90's - writing and playing their own tunes for audiences all over southern Ontario. HMH has an incredibly tight and powerful live show, which has enabled them to play with the likes of: the Tea Party, The Cult, Judas Priest, Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle and Catherine Wheel.

Simply put, this self-titled EP is made up of quintessential driving tunes. The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin produced three out of the five tracks. The first song, Face to Face, is all about GUITARS framed by a crunching rhythm section. It features Jeff Martin on lead guitar and will be serviced to rock radio by late May. The other four songs on the EP feature everything from melancholy piano, passionate lyrics, powerful drum beats, grinding, unadulterated guitars and swampy rhythms.

Be sure to check out for up-to-date band information and to view their live Rock Fantasy video. HMH is proud to be on the Agency Group Roster. Expect solo support dates throughout the summer with a national tour in the Fall of 2004. You'll find HMH on tour with Thornley in London, ON on May 31st the Drink and on June 2nd in Guelph, ON at Club Denim.

HMH is truly a band that lives to share their passion - Rock 'N’ Roll - this EP is only the beginning!