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With the release of their new CD, it’s apparent that Hot Little Rocket are finished teething and no longer content just being the coolest rock band in Calgary. Influenced by Television, XTC, and Jawbreaker, they fuse a post punk frenzy with a certain rock and roll cool into raw and original songs. With a tight, infectious, energetic sound and lyrics that are catchy but clever enough not to be caught, it’s no wonder that when asked all Much Music’s Chris Nelson could say was “Hot Little Rocket? They’re incredible.”

Since their self-released EP laika, Hot Little Rocket have achieved an impressive list of accomplishments including touring from coast to coast, a 20 minute feature on Much Music, two live performances on CBC, and performances with bands like Hot Hot Heat, Modest Mouse and Eric's Trip on their farewell tour.

At their first New Music West showcase, their live show which has been described as “an all-out exercise in kinetics and accident prevention”, caught the attention of Winnipeg’s Endearing Records, who released their first full-length, “Danish Documentary” in 2001. The album was a success, reaching #1 in their home town, peaking nationally at #17, and capturing the #40 spot on !Earshot’s top 200 for 2001. A stunning first effort, it made an impression with not only the fans but the critics, garnering such national acclaim as “[Hot Little Rocket are] leading a Canadian assault on the post-punk, emo-core scene, giving most of the Mid-Western U.S. bands of the genre a serious run for their money” from Chart Magazine.

Their second full-length CD, Our Work and Why We Do It, was released nationally on September 6th on the Calgary based label Catch and Release/Flemish Eye. Once again, the fans and critics agree that Hot Little Rocket is a band on the move. Currently holding it’s third month residency and climbing in the !Earshot’s Top 25 and receiving such critical acclaims as “brilliant” and “the best album ever to come out of Calgary”, it features intricate, off-kilter pop music. With their latest effort, Hot Little Rocket has managed to weave taut instrumentation and inventive arrangements to fashion harmonious tunes, displaying an impressive development. Our Work and Why We Do It consistently conveys well-crafted, melodic songs that embrace a type of simple song building that most of their contemporaries seem to be still railing against.

Alexis Walker @ 604-760-5123