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Hooded Fang

In the winter of 2008, seven friends, roommates, and lovers decided to start playing music together. Inspired by Canadian literary genius Mordecai Richler – and undeterred by their lack of formal training or the fact that “Barney’s Version” is a shitty name for a band – they settled on Hooded Fang. Since then, they have played opening slots for The Born Ruffians, Malajube and Bishop Allen.

They have successfully released a self-titled E.P., have a single on the Friends In Bellwoods II compilation and are anticipating the Fall release of their full length, "Hooded Fang Album". Produced by principal songwriter Daniel Lee, Hooded Fang´s songs shamelessly plunder all musical genres in the service of crafting the perfect pop tune. With full harmonies, rotating singers, and changing instrumentation, Hooded Fang can sound like The Cure at their least gloomy and Herman Düne armed with synths and a trombone.

Daniel Lee: Vocals/Guitar
April Aliermo: Bass
Julia Barnes: Trombone/Keyboard
Lane Halley: Lead Guitar/Trumpet
Nick Hune-Brown: Keyboard
Eric Woolston: Drums
Lorna Wright: Vocals/Guitar/Glockenspiel