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Joel Auge - Vocals/Guitar
Tony Lind - Electrics
Darryl McWaters - Drums/BGVs
Curtis Nahwegahbow - Bass
Brad Toews - Piano/BGVs

"Finally... a band with some intelligent songs that can actually be deemed radio worthy. Hewit's lead singer, Joel Auge, has one of the finest voices I have ever heard". - Joao Carvalho, Juno-nominated producer

"The first thing that caught our ears was the amazing singing styles of this lead singer. They have just released their debut CD, Piecemeal, and are already receiving great reviews. These five musicians just may be on to something here…" - CBCRadio3 - NewMusicCanada.com

"Hewit bare little resemblance to anything else coming out of Canada these days. Their ultra emotive melodies and plain-sight lyrics go right to the heart of issues both personal and global in the most musically memorable manner. With the release of their critically-acclaimed debut CD, Piecemeal, Hewit has proven itself worthy of the countless fans joining the fold. - Joanne Setterington – Indoor Recess Inc.

"I like to get out of the way and try to let the song write itself," says singer and guitarist, Joel Augé. "I never get what I want out of it otherwise." For Augé, Hewit is the culmination of a decade's worth of playing and writing. After moving to St. John’s, Newfoundland to find himself in the late '90s, the young Canadian began jamming with a group of exceptional musicians who eventually coalesced into the band Capstone. The band recorded two indie albums, selling close to 15,000 copies thanks to a relentless live performance schedule. But as much as Augé enjoyed the instrumental complexities Capstone’s songs afforded him, over time he found himself drawn to a more direct mode of expression. "With Capstone, we did a lot of experimenting. It was an awesome learning experience. We were really just young guys in love with music," he says. "With this band, it's just song, song, song."

Capstone began winding down in 2003, but a new group was soon formed with the addition of two crucial pieces, drummer Darryl McWaters and guitarist Tony Lind. The band was soon invited to Nashville to record with renowned producer Stephen Leiweke, resulting in the evocative track "Beautiful". Another invitation followed from producer Brian Moncarz of Toronto's Whirlwind Sound, with whom they completed the Piecemeal EP. In only a few weeks, the EP's leadoff track "Lost" has been added to the CBC's Galaxie Music Network, KAOS, Peterborough and G-Radio, New Jersey, with more radio adds on the horizon. Most recently, the band joined forces with manager Craig McConnell of Inside Music Inc., the energetic young Production/Management company responsible for The Novaks (Sonic/Waner) and The Show (EMI). More industry allies are sure to join the fold in the months to come as the band's outstanding music continues to be discovered.

While the band is excited about the release of "Piecemeal", they're even more stoked at the prospect of getting out on the road and showing off the very newest songs. Auge elaborates, "I was always a pretty creative kid – I love thinking and communicating something that people can chew on. That's what I want to do. I love participating in people’s lives. If a memory is planted the night of our show, we’ve done our job. Because when you have a room full of people who are all your friends for the night, and you can share anything, where else does that happen?"