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Hello Operator

Hello Operator is a new wave-inspired band, using its love of the ‘80s to create catchy synth-driven rock songs.

Originally formed as a three-piece called The Scenes, the band released a buzz-worthy EP, produced by Dom Condo (The Waking Eyes, Joydrop) that generated industry attention in Canada and the U.S. and earned the support of Coalition Entertainment Management which handles such acts as Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, and Finger Eleven.

In late 2004, the band's line-up was complete with Mike Condo (vocals, guitar), Lee Campbell (drums), Craig Mailman (bass), Evan Huson (synth, vocals) and Justin Bunn (Lead Guitar). They recorded demos with producer Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, Finger Eleven) and a pressing of 1000 three songs disappeared quickly over the course of 16 shows in Toronto and surrounding cities.

In early 2005, the band went back into the studio with new material and finished up demos of more songs in April. The band recently began booking through S.L. Feldman and are currently playing live and planning small summer tours. They are working towards recording a full album later in the year with Arnold Lanni producing.

Over the past six months they have been generating great reviews through their live shows and creating a presence online. In March 2005, www.canoe.ca listed them as “1 of 12 bands to watch out for” after their exciting performance at Canadian Music Week 2005. They have been featured on music industry websites such as Demo Diaries and Kings of A&R and have been gaining the attention of the local media. The London Free Press says “A guaranteed breakthrough rock act in 2005".

“Mike Condo pulls out his brooding but melodic tenor, which sounds like a refreshed Ric Ocasek…Hello Operator is almost guaranteed to be a breakthrough rock act.”
- London Free Press

“…songs are catchy, energetic, and refreshing. Tremendous potential”
- Kingsofar.com

“This is Canada’s secret weapon”
- indiemusicreview.com

“This band is incredible! It’s impossible not to find and extremely catchy hook in these songs”
- songandfilm.com