Holly Cole

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Holly Cole

There is an intelligence and sophistication to Holly Coleís singing that sets her apart. Surrounded by her handpicked live bands that allow her to shine, Cole imbues well-worn standards and eclectic songs with an uncanny combination of sensuality, innocence, originality and sheer musicality. She has a long and storied international career, having sold hundreds of thousands of recordings in the U.S., Japan (1 Gold record award) and Germany. These echo her success at home, including several multi-platinum sales awards, three Juno Awards and two Gemini Awards.

Coleís self-titled 2007 release was a further and much lauded step into the land of standards. Recorded mostly with a bigger band than she has traditionally used including a nonet of the finest New York horn and wind players with arrangements by the magnificent Gil Goldstein. This is one of the definitive recordings of her 9 studio recording career. The record was followed by Steal the Night: Live at the Glenn Gould Studio, Coleís first DVD with bonus live CD which was released in February 2012 to glowing reviews and features an assortment of hits and gems from her early trio days through to the present. This immersive CD/DVD package was the perfect prelude to Ms. Coleís much-anticipated 10th studio recording (released Nov 19, 2012 by Universal Music Canada) entitled NIGHT, her first since 2007ís self titled gem. The result is truly an audio delight thatís makes for a gorgeous adult alternative recording that is smart, sexy and sophisticated.

Tradition Moderne, Coleís European label has manufactured vinyl LPís for both the last two studio recording that are an audiophile delight. Previously unreleased outside of Europe until now where they are available through Coleís label and Maple Music.

For further information please visit www.hollycole.com.