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Endearing Records is pleased to present the fourth full-length album from The Heavy Blinkers: "The Night and I Are Still So Young." Long considered one of the best pop bands in Canada, the Blinkers have reached a new maturity with this stunningly orchestrated pop masterpiece.

Two years in the making, "The Night and I Are Still So Young" consolidates the nocturnal orchestrations of the Flaming Lips & Mercury Rev and grafts them onto material akin to 70's era Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson or Randy Newman. Recorded in a barn in Seabright, Nova Scotia, the album was engineered by J. Ball (hopeful monster) and Paul Aucoin (The Sadies) and self-produced by The Heavy Blinkers. This album finds the five Blinkers collaborating with over 25 auxiliary players to help create a symphonic tapestry that is as rich and dense as you're likely to hear this year.

From the moment that the first demos for "The Night..." started circulating, the songs quickly garnered praise and earned the group new fans. Many proclaimed the album "a masterpiece" and "the best pop record I've heard in years." Early fans include Mike Alway (El Records, El Graphic), who has championed the group to labels world-wide as well as contributing the album's cover art and design, Japanese sound-track label, Rambling Records, who are featuring two of the group's songs on their "Sweet, Sweet" compilation, and Nettwerk Songs Publishing who will be signing the group. Announcements for licensing arrangements outside of Canada will be made in the near future.

The Band:

  • started in 1998
  • are a five piece based out of Halifax
  • plays live as a 7-10 piece with horns and pedal steel
  • counts Sondre Lerche, Van Dyke Parks & the High Llamas as fans
  • has three videos. One animated, one terrible and one has nudity

"At 34 minutes, Better Weather (album #3) may be short, but it's emotionally candid and spiritually vast, dealing with the weight of life itself." -UNCUT
"For every triumphant Bacharach horn flourish there's sadder soft-pop reflection. With it's mournful strings, I Used To Be A Design is tinged with the same melancholy as Surf's Up, but the light always breaks through." -Mojo
"The Heavy Blinkers is the best album of suite-like grandeur since the last Olivia Tremor Control record." -Magnet
"The album goes beyond simple accomplishment, however, and into the realm of masterwork thanks to the production and pure genius arrangements. From beginning to end, The Heavy Blinkers is guileless delight. But more than that, it is a tour-deforce of unequalled pop excellence." -Rolling