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A Biography

In the fall of 1900 Hawaii officially became a U.S. Territory. One hundred years later in the fall of 2000, Hawaii officially became a band.

After gaining much exposure with Bionic and the Toronto based band Bodega, Sam Goldberg went off and started his own project. With the album already in the works, he asked singer/songwriter Samantha Terry to join in on a record that could not have existed without her.

The two are like the fox and the rabbit. Although the album begins as though they are harmonious, contrasting subjects and roles become more evident as the album progresses. It unfolds in a gradual sequence of instances, swaddling you in gauzy melodies, cocoons you in warmth then unravels you into a lion's den and moves you with flesh-grabbing lyrics. This band is unique. Their songs about love, adventure, heartbreak and disenchanted sex tend to intertwine as naturally as the situations do in real life.

"I have found that the past few years of recording at home and in the studio have really given me the chance to find my own sound and create an atmosphere with my songs. I really dig the sparseness of Samantha's songs because I get to fill them up with my own twist. She also has a lovely voice which I think really enhances the record." says Sam. David Newfeld, producer of Broken Social Scene, was there along the way to help them record and mix their self-titled debut.

For Hawaii the wheels have really started to turn and in June many will experience this album and realize that it's like something special you've always had in your head. You're surprised that it has only just come into existence but you're sure glad it has. It's like it should have always been there.