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During a bleak cold winter in 1998, a powerful new musical entity emerged from the frozen wastelands of Winnipeg, Canada. the Harlots combined their forces to form a dynamic group capable of performing an emotional and moving arrangement of songs. Playing off the chemistry of a three brother front line with the backbone of a solid drummer, you can't help but to be drawn into their sonic assault of hard pop.

In their short time together, the Harlots have garnered a strong following. They have headlined as well as opened shows for such diverse artists as Nickelback, Treble Charger, the Headstones, Motley Crue and The Watchmen, displaying their broad appeal. In January 99, the band dazzled their audience with an explosive sold out show in celebration of their indie CD. The self titled thirteen song disc combines an array of melodic pop anthems with inspired chaotic carnage.

Since the release of their indie CD, the Harlots have gained powerful allies in the music industry. They are currently working closely with a reputable management team (William Tenn, Pandymonium) and an established booking agency (Ralph James, The Agency Group).

In 2003, the Harlots will be releasing their major label debut and first video for album opening track Alien.

With full industry support and a new dynamic, emotionally charged album, expect the Harlots to make a huge impact on the national music scene in 2003!

Buck Garinger - vocals, rhythm guitar
Lane Bardley Garinger - lead guitar, vocals
Lee Charles Garinger - base guitar, vocals
Mark Sawatzky - drums