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The wallflower leaps from the wallpaper as Gentleman Reg wrings out a
more extroverted album than the last. 'Make Me Pretty' was recorded
by Andy Magoffin (The Constantines, Royal City, Two-Minute MIracles,
The Weekend, By Divine Right) in London while the rhythm section of
ROYAL CITY and Bry Webb of THE CONSTANTINES strung their guitars and
sung with their hearts to Reg's songs.

A steady musical diet of 80s pop and Barbershop Quartet raised
Gentleman Reg's roofbeams. Today, Reg rides to work listening to Liz
Phair, Jim O'Rourke, Quasi, Bjork and Cat Power, while working at
the same Company as Rufus Wainwright, Aimee Mann, Nick Drake, Prince
and Belle & Sebastien.

'Make Me Pretty' is more personal (fictional brothers, lost boys,
fruitless attractions) with sweet & sour
sentiments framed in rocking pop anthems and lovely lullabies.