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Storybook Endings Artist: The Golden Seals
Title: Storybook Endings
Year: 2001
$16.00 CDN 
(approx. USD $11.25)
(approx. EURO 10.36 €)

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Title Length Sample  
1 Intro (Iron In The Fire) -- No  
2 Algernon -- No  
3 My Lousy Autumn Sky -- No  
4 Something Snapped -- No  
5 Moons In All Directions -- No  
6 Letting you Down -- No  
7 Ann Street Rag -- No  
8 Your Stupid Head -- No  
9 Sinister Cycle -- No  
10 Itís You -- No  
11 The Wonderful Towers Of Watts -- No  
12 Frownland -- No  

Produced by J. Andy Magoffin and The Golden Seals
Recorded and mixed by J. Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles, London, ON except for "Ann Street" recorded and mixed by Mike and Dave at II of M, "Your Stupid Head" recorded by Dave at House of Miracles, and "The Wonderful Tower of Watts" recorded by Dave in NC and mixed at House of Miracles

Musicians: Dave Merrit, Mike Bonnell, Andy Magoffin, Ted Peacock, Jody Maxwell, Glen "Archie" Gamble, Andy Goddard, all on various instruments.