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Since our earliest days, humans have desperately struggled to prove themselves as refined, proper and advanced. Yet not one of us can deny that carnal knowledge—one of our most basic instincts—is that which truly compels us.

Regardless of money, etiquette or power, it defines us; keeps us as animals writhing in the darkness, absorbing one another's energy, sensations and passion. We long for primal essence and the liberating purge of succumbing to pleasures of the flesh.

Such is the modus behind Montreal-based modern rock trio Glo and their sophomore full-length On The Outside (Glo Music Group). Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Rick Cordi, guitarist/keys Eddie Mazzola and drummer Pat Rowan, Glo celebrate the sordid union of primeval grit with aural pheromones resulting in lascivious musicality.

“It's dirtier...sexier and dirtier,” says Rick about On The Outside in comparison to the band's eponymous debut album. “This album is as solid as any modern rock effort because of the quality of the songwriting and the music’s intensity.”

With lead single “Move Along,” taking over rock charts for a solid four months—an accomplishment by any standards, let alone for a completely autonomous band—and follow-up single “On The Outside” set for release, Rick is right. This album is a decadent blast of sinful revelry.

Still, Eddie notes that despite a mastery of formative rock, Glo's origins are incredibly humble. Answering an ad in a local newspaper led the trio to instantly realize just how their creative aptitudes congealed perfectly. Glo was born, forever changing the drive and trajectory of these three minstrels.

“We found that instant chemistry. Things began flowing immediately,” Eddie asserts about the band's earliest sessions, adding that the trio have become a far more tangible affair with On The Outside. “I still think that this is a far more accomplished version of the band, though. We're tighter; more together so in many ways, this is the first honest Glo album. The songs were born from the three of us working together. It's distinctive now.”

The disparity of which Eddie speaks reveals itself to be amusingly dichotomous. Although primary instinct is the elemental thrust of On The Outside, the trio reveal themselves to be quite refined via classical musical training, multi-instrumental capabilities and an embrace of allowing Glo to blossom organically. This cultivation of musical communication ensures On The Outside is more than a simplistically barbaric experience. Subtle and warm yet tough and rugged, the album is more of a libidinously sweaty commingling. And what exactly prompts such an attack?

“It's a mystery,” laughs Rick tauntingly. “The stuff we listen to has nothing to with the music that comes out of us. Personally, I'm a fan of Radiohead, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters. I'm not happy unless I can hear the Chris Cornell coming out of myself. I always wanted to sing like him. But when I sit down to write, it’s more of my pop influences that come through. It's strange but it's what makes Glo so unique.”

Compounding On The Outside's matchless aural impact, the effort was recorded/produced by Eddie and mixed by Paul Lani (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth), a pairing that ensures the album's ardor, girth and unyielding melodic prowess eternally manifests itself as On The Outside ingrains itself in modern rock's legacy. To that extent, Rick is adamant about not revealing what compels the band contextually, preferring to leave opinions to the listener.

“Sometimes it's difficult to tell people what these songs are about when they ask. I want that magic to retain itself; the people to figure out what it means to them, not what I tell them it should mean. There's a social awareness but most of it is about what happens in our immediate lives around us. It's quite personal. Still, we always try to leave it so the listener can interpret it in their own way. There's no chain to connect it for people. They need to take it as they will.”

Regardless, as musical lovers, Glo ensure that whatever fans take away from On The Outside will be something they hold indelibly endearing. With genuine grace and humility, Pat asserts that the album is the sonic result of this trio's heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears; every bit of their primal essence delivered via a compassionate embrace.

“The level of creativity and quality of these songs speaks for itself. We really work on these songs. It's not just about a cool riff and our own goal. We work with what's best for the song. What can make it better without losing that initial spark which started the whole idea. There aren't any egos or ownership of the songs either. This is Glo and this is where we're at.”