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As a pup, Gloryhound was kennelled on a vast suburban tract just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Whelped on a steady diet of classic rock, the mutt began to perk up after being exposed to records by The Ramones and The Stooges. Bemused owners noted that the ‘hound first began to make some noise of its own around 2006. This amusement turned to anxiety as Gloryhound became larger, and the howling became louder.

When the noise became too overbearing for the quiet East Coast, Gloryhound embarked upon a series of sweaty showcase gigs to promote their first record Leave It Alone. Confirmed sightings include an early morning set at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto for Canadian Music Week 2010, and a slew of slots during JUNOfest 2010 in Newfoundland. With the canine signing with The Agency Group in April 2010, it seems that Gloryhound may be destined to become a veteran show-dog.

This status was confirmed after Gloryhound spent a long, hot summer touring around Central Canada. Displaying an uncanny ability to slink past earthquakes and riots alike unscathed, Gloryhound performed some thirty shows in support of such disparate acts from The Creepshow, Down with Webster, to Thornley. This rigorous schedule was offset by an extensive preproduction period with producer Laurence Currie, who was tasked with whipping the ‘hound into a fine recording frenzy. Under Laurence’s punishing gaze, Gloryhound spent two July days locked in Chemical Sound Studio, Toronto, cutting bed tracks for an upcoming EP release. Mixed and produced by Laurence Currie, and mastered by J. LaPointe, Electric Dusk is comprised of seven hard-hitting and heartfelt songs.

Fast forward to January 2011, Gloryhound now stands poised to release this sonic barrage upon an unsuspecting public. To see where you may witness the Gloryhound unleashed for yourself please visit

Gloryhound is a mixed breed consisting of:
Evan Meisner – Lead Vocals/ Guitar
David Casey – Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Shaun Hanlon – Drums
Jeremy MacPherson – Bass Guitar