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Gregg Lawless BIOGRAPHY

He doesn't have a manager. Doesn't have an agent. Doesn't even have a recording deal. So why is he selling out some of the finest concert venues in the country?

Gregg Lawless just may be the best singer/songwriter you've never heard, but his ability to win over concert audiences from eight to eighty is bound to change this very soon.

Gregg has made unconventional career choices. For one thing, his musical tours have taken him far from the bright lights of the big city to rural Ireland and remote regions of Africa. He spent 5 summers not playing music festivals, but running songwriting workshops as musical director for Camp Trillium, a camp for children and families affected by childhood cancer.

Audiences and critics alike love Gregg's music, stories and showmanship; the people who hear Gregg hire Gregg. He has gone from playing bars to playing some of Canada's biggest theatres and concert houses. Reviewers have celebrated his "remarkably diverse" songwriting, drawing comparisons from James Taylor to Crowded House to David Wilcox.

Gregg's tales of travelling throughout Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland range from touching personal moments to uproariously hilarious episodes, leaping from pop to folk to Celtic to blues to ragtime at the drop of a guitar pick. His high-energy concerts showcase his ability to weave engaging stories into captivating songs with a universal appeal. Audiences describe his live performances as "riveting," "charismatic" and "absolutely stunning."

Gregg's debut CD, 'Greggorian Chance', without the benefit of major label distribution or masses of hype, sold thousands of copies. The disc has also enjoyed extensive airplay across Canada on CBC, commercial and college radio, as well as in the U.S., the U.K., the former U.S.S.R., Norway, Argentina and South Africa. And the considerable 'buzz' surrounding Gregg Lawless only grew louder with the release of his sophomore CD, 'Wicked Little Buzz', showcasing his broad range of musical, lyrical and emotional depth.

Gregg's latest CD, 'Something Beautiful', is an affirmation of his continued growth as a songwriter. Featuring his trademark mix of witty wordplay and sober reflections on the experiences of life and love, 'Something Beautiful' is the work of a mature songwriter at the top of his trade. In his own words: "I think I have always had a slightly different way of looking at things... and I feel like I've come to the point where I can write songs that are both completely honest and original in their perspective."

Gregg Lawless just may be the best singer/songwriter you've never heard. But that's about to change.