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Green Go


From the basement house parties of arts-drenched town Guelph, Ontario comes a unique 10-handed mash-up of synths, drums, bass and guitar. Green Go is a girl/boy-fronted machine that runs on the fuel that is hot, sweaty dancing.

Green Go began with the day-glo love-at-first-sight encounter between co-ed front-team Ferenc ‘Fez’ Stenton and Jessica Tollefsen. When 'he' caught 'she' performing one night with former outfit Spy Machine 16, the fated, instant connection was as much a visual crush as it was musical. Two birds of paradise drawn to each other’s glowing personalities; Jess’s light-up keyboard proving the perfect counterpart to Fez’s neon orange shorts. It was a rare meeting of the minds between two ex-conservatory pianists escaping together into the world of tantalizing electronic pop. Three short months, several smokin’ tracks and multiple costume changes later, the pair snagged their rock steady rhythm section – the now defunct Spy Machine’s bassist Kyle Squance and skin-tight drummers Mark Andrade and Adam Scott.

In the year since releasing their sold-out debut self-titled EP on homegrown launching-pad label / musical collective Burnt Oak Records, Green Go has quickly outgrown their neighborhood hero status and garnered a reputation among tastemakers far beyond their hometown for burning up stages. 2008 saw them winning crowds for series Kazoo, No Shame, Wavelength and Steamwhistle's Indie Unsigned and festivals Pop Montreal, Canadian Music Week, and North-by-Northeast, sharing bills with like-minded party bringers Think About Life, Woodhands, The Magic, Bocce and OPOPO.

Though the stages and the audiences have expanded exponentially with every performance, Green Go refuses to abandon the turf that they tear up best: sweaty, dirty house shows. Rooms keep getting bigger, but that euphoric community spirit that launched the quintet continues to permeate every facet of their work. When the band released their stop-gap remix EP to satisfy fans pre-full length release (featuring tracks from contemporary Canadian success stories Born Ruffians, Rural Alberta Advantage, Gentleman Reg, Women and The D’Urbervilles), it read not as strategic marketing tool showcasing their remixing prowess, but as an earnest tribute to their peers - a love letter to everyone who ever crammed themselves into a dark basement or garage to support the then-fledgling band.

All this well-deserved attention landed Green Go a deal with Pheromone Records, and before the ink was dry, Green Go was putting on the finishing touches on invitations to the CD release party for their long-awaited sonic heart-stopper “Borders.” Out this spring, the debut full-length is a propulsive mash-up of electro-rock, post-punk, and funky grooves, hitting a fine balance between ballad-like ambience and illuminating extended jams, and continually pushing the boundaries with an electrifying power. With songs that range from the ecstatically joyous to positively libidinous, “Borders” is the soundtrack to your best Saturday night: an unparalleled transcendent dance explosion that takes you from pre-drinking at your best friend's house to tearin’ it up on the dance floor, to kinky fun in the coat room and that 4am plate of dinner nachos- all before you can say, “I can’t believe it’s Sunday.”

Walk of Shame not included.