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In the summer of 2003, millions of viewers across the country tuned in to Canada's most popular TV show to cast their vote for singer Gary Beals. His uniquely soulful renditions of pop classics such as Sarah McLachlan's Angel and Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed captured the hearts of the nation - and the attention of industry manager and producer, Farley Flex.

Flex immediately teamed Gary up with a team of acclaimed producers and hit makers, including multiple Juno Award winner Orin Isaacs and international multi-platinum producer Marcus Kane. The resulting self-titled debut CD showcases Gary's amazing voice and song writing skills. The first single, Summer Nights, was played at stations across the country, and the accompanying videos' rotation at MuchMoreMusic and MuchVibe helped to launch Gary Beals into the Top Ten.

Born and raised in Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia, Gary graduated from Auburn Drive High School, is an active member of the Cherry Brook United Baptist Church and president of the Provincial Baptist Youth Fellowship. It was at church that Gary first sang to an audience, and where he and his brother Shawn formed the gospel group Light of Day.

Gary remembers a childhood heavily influenced by soul music: he grew up listening to greats like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, and Lenny Williams. The influence of these soul masters, combined with his gospel roots, define Gary's music, capturing the essence of an era when soul music penetrated your core and made you sing along. It was the beginning of a faith and love of music that continues to this day.

Not one to forget his roots or the people who helped him succeed, Gary penned a track on his new CD called Thank You specifically to show his appreciation to the millions of fans who have overwhelmingly supported his music and helped to drive his CD up the charts.

Gary is still heavily involved in the communities he touches: he recently participated in the "Drop the Chrome" campaign as a member of the Peace Prophets, recording a single speaking out against gun violence. Produced by Marcus Kane, the song was played on radio stations across Canada. Gary is eager to continue touring nationally and internationally, and as always, gives credit to God for his success.