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Not the Same Kind”, Greg Ball’s third solo effort, is out. Not as in sold out, don’t worry. Truth of the matter is, before Ching Music and Greg got around to releasing said record here at (today!!), it was being sold behind bars, out of cars, and even on the streets (sorta like a drug only cheaper, and with no withdrawal symptoms)

This new record, produced under Mr. Paul Langlois, has a slightly different touch to it. It has a new sort of energy that Langlois helped to capture in the studio. Don’t you worry, still songs of love and loss, masked by pretty melodies (still a bit of twang in there too). But, this new recording has captured what happens to a band when they get out on the road and play. Not only play, but live the road-life in the same pants and socks and undies for a couple of days straight.

New member Rob Gillet on the bass Guitar, multi instrumentalist Joe Carscallen, and Robbie Radford on the drums seem to have formed quite the “rock” that Ball can lean upon and throw his songs to. You can almost feel the easy laid back approach to writing in songs like “Bridges To Burn”, where Ball wrote the song and then threw it to the band, and they naturally took it from there.

Ball wrote songs about busting outta cities, not liking promoters, being infatuated with Linden MacIntrye, and of course giving advice to his children. Different themes accented with a bit more of a amped-up, Alt-Rock Country feel.

So here it is folks, my new CD (!!) - click on it and I get to make some money back, and you’ll get a little piece of my heart sent to you in a few days.