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Who We Are

Chuck Angus (vocals and guitar): Chuck Angus began playing music with the Toronto punk band L'etranger in 1979. In 1986 he formed the Grievous Angels. Angus presently lives in Cobalt, Ontario where he edits HighGrader Magazine. Angus is the co-author of the book "We Lived a Life and Then Some: the life, death and life of a mining town".

Peter Duffin (drums and back-up vocals): Peter Duffin began his career along with Chuck Angus and Andrew Cash in the Toronto-based punk band L'etranger. When L'etranger broke up in 1984, Duffin continued on as the drummer in the Andrew Cash Band. Duffin left the group in 1986 and joined the Grievous Angels in 1987. Peter Duffin is currently a member of the Toronto Fire Department.

Tim Hadley (bass): Tim Hadley was born in Ottawa and came of age in the Ottawa punk scene. He joined the Grievous Angels in 1987, shortly after moving to Toronto. Hadley has played with numerous Toronto bands like Lazy Grace, Mad Love, the Cajun Ramblers and blackfies. Hadley lives near Belleville with his family.

Peter Jellard (guitar, vocals, accordion, fiddle): Peter Jellard was born in England but grew up in Edmonton. Jellard learned to play fiddle while busking on the subways of Paris. He has been an active member of the Irish traditional scene, played with blue grass groups and is respected as one of Toronto's foremost cajun accordion players. Jellard lives in Toronto where he plays with the traditional Cajun band Swamperella.