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The Full Nine

We are The Full Nine - a band that had a shot with a major label deal in 2002. We recorded our debut and released the first single, "Not Over" in the Spring of '02. Just previous to that, we went out on the road across Canada and the Western U.S. in preperation. We got back from our Canadian tour in March to find out that the entire staff at our label had been let go, and the label (Mammoth records, owned by Disney's Buenavista Group, also home to Hollywood records) was essentially now defunct. Magic.

Our record was due for release in three weeks. What happened? After the tragedy of 9/11 (we were signed that spring), the population stopped spending money on Disney owned entertainment, their stock plummeted and they downsized their newly acquired music ventures.

Mammoth had only been under the Disney umbrella for a little over a year. It was a wicked label and we still consider those people friends. Here in Canada we were represented by Universal Music - another good bunch of people. They were good enough to follow through with releasing the single to radio here in Canada, and it did really well on it's own, making it to the top 20 without any support from our now-defunct label. But alas, business is business and not being one of their own bands, we were dropped from the agenda pretty much immediately (even though the trade publications were touting our next single "Coffee" as a huge smash for the summer!) and we couldn't get arrested at radio no matter how well our song charted.

Album sales? Well let's just say that we don't buy any cds for 25 bucks either, let alone have to ask if it can be specially ordered cuz the one copy at the back of the store actually did sell! We weren't able to access product to sell ourselves unless we paid more than what we would be able to charge for it since Hollywood now owned the record. Hollywood also had no plans to release the record, since they had their own agenda to attend to. Needless to say, our spirit was crushed.

We got ourselves together and with a buyout from Hollywood, we recorded a new record. It's called Dead Wait - You can guess why! We had enough cash to record seven new songs, took some killer outtakes from the debut sessions and now we have this new cd. We're still writing and hope to return to form as a full functioning band, and for now we all have to make ends meet doing various other projects. But know this: Each and every one of us keeps The Full Nine at the top of the list.

It's Not Over