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Frontier Index

New Rainbow Quartz signees Frontier Index hale from Toronto and Stratford respectively, and bring a nice mix of psychedelic pop and country twang to the table and deliver it with style.

The roots of Frontier Index began to grow when four long time compadres cultivated a few late night kitchen jamborees into a stage show with lights... and heat!

The Band began their music careers with a steady diet of The Band, Rubber Soul, and Gram Parsons. Frontier Index have garnered a reputation in Toronto for playing killer live shows, supporting acts such as Adam Green, Lowest of the Low, and Preston School of Industry.

Be forwarned! Frontier Index seeks out new converts to baptize with a heady brew of Cosmic-Country-Soul... over and out.

Frontier INDEX recorded with Andy Magoffin in his London studio, The House of Miracles.


"Frontier Index is cooler than the Jayhawks, more romantic than the Sadies, and more real than Ryan Adams." June 2005

"Not just another alt-country band, The Frontier Index turn up the "alt" portion of the genre and heads toward good ol' rock 'n' roll." Chartattack