Flux a.d.

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They may cite influences such as The Beatles and Radiohead, but FLUXad have a sound all their own, one reason they've been hailed as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Southern Ontario in recent years.

Born out of Hamilton, Ontario, FLUXad have been astounding audiences across many parts of Canada and the United States. The band, formed three years ago by Bill Majoros (guitar) and Julie MacDonald (lead vocals, guitar), has since evolved into a five piece of epic proportions, adding Graham Walsh (Keyboards, Sampler), Sally Panavas (bass), and Joel Stouffer (drums).

FLUXad has achieved notoriety, in part by sharing the stage with acts like 54-40, Big Sugar, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Watchmen, Big Wreck, Space, Weeping Tile, and others. In addition to nation-wide critical praise, they have also received acclaim from notable musicians such as Daniel Lanois, Robbie Robertson, and Alex Lifeson.

FLUXad takes immense pride in their live set. They have succeeded in creating a sound - both onstage and in the studio - that combines elements of pop, electronic, rock, and ambient music. They have succeeded in melding the raw elements of stadium guitar rock with the subtleties of keyboard-driven electronica. It's a sound not quite fitting into any cozy niche, yet it's appealing to all.